how's it going?

We met FIVE years ago teaching at the same school, and had no clue where this friendship was headed.

Three years ago we created a shared document called “Jules and Jo’s must do list”. We have been crossing things off and adding to the list since the day we created it.

This small business of ours is one thing that we dreamed up and added to our list. It read "create and sell something" We love art and creativity. It's what drew us to a day of making earrings and dreaming up ideas of where they could take us.

We are both teachers and there were days we would walk into school wearing the same outfit, down to the type of scrunchies. As our friendship grew we started to purposefully purchase the same things. Students used to think that we shared clothes. Towards the end of the year we proved them wrong when we showed up in identical outfits everyday for a week.

When we aren't in the classroom you can find us spending weekends on morning jaunts and adventures in search of a new coffee shop, where we talk about everything from education to fashion. Dreaming up ways we can incorporate social justice and environment into art assignments. We laugh a lot, and simple conversations take us 3 hours because we can't seem to stay on one subject. Jules and Jo Co has been a labour of love - 2 years in the making. We don't know what it has in store, but we're up for the adventure.

Thanks for being here. 💜


Im Jules. The other half of J&J.

I live in small town Manitoba with my husband, our dogs Oakley and Naya -- 2 Aussie Shepherds, and our newest addition, our baby girl Soifia. I’m an elementary school teacher (currently on mat leave), a (decaf!) coffe drinker, and an enneagram 7.  I like spontaneous adventures, singing in the car, Christmas, imperial cookies, and figuring out the perfect gifts to give to my friends and family.

I'm so happy you're here, even if its just to browse through our J&J colletctions. I love feeling inspired and turning my ideas into tangeble items for you to have, and enjoy.

Love that you're here 💜



Hi! I’m Joanna! I am a NW Ontario girl at heart, living in Manitoba.  I am an outdoor enthusiast, who loves adventures and new challenges. Summer at the lake is my happy place. That’s where you can find me escaping to whenever an opportunity arises. It’s where I get to explore and feel refreshed. If not at the lakes, or exploring, I’m trying out coffee shops, teaching, or playing sports.

Another activity I love is ART!  I enjoy pouring my energy into my artwork and creative side! I am an enneagram seven, who loves all the things life has to teach us, and it’s exciting to learn them all. 

So excited to have you here enjoying this adventure with us!

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