Yosemite Grandeur

“Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space.” ― Ansel Adams

Have you been?

I was in Yosemite in the early spring on a road trip with my mom. We drove all over different areas of California. We drove the scenic coastline to Big Sur, stayed near Pismo Beach, visited family in Modesto, cruised through Carmel By-the-Sea, hiked the Red Pine Forests, and hit up San Francisco. We got in lots of that golden California sunshine. 


This travel collection however was inspired by another destination on this road trip. Yosemite! This specific location was enjoyed on an overcast, moody day. The Yosemite travel collection colours are inspired by the grey, overcast days, and the misty greens of the trees, as fog hung thick in the air. 



With little appropriate rain gear, my mom and I timed our hikes and explored dodging the heavier rains. During one rain storm we took refuge in a little book shop. A book called ‘The Things Trees Know’ caught my eye. Maybe it was my current mood, the gloomy weather, or the wisdom of the trees, but as I started reading the book I started to cry. RIGHT! THERE! In the book shop! **Sigh… My mom bought me the book instantly. 

The Things Trees Know - Douglas Wood

“Welcome rainy days.”
“Reach down as well as up. No roots, no branches.”
“Stand tall. But bend when you need to.”

If I return to Yosemite one day, (which I hope to) I know that I could have a completely different experience with different weather. I know however that the tall trees, majestic mountains, waterfalls and views would still take my breath away. I know I would reflect on the time I was there with my mom, hiking over damp ground hearing the ‘drip, drip’ of the rain falling off the trees. 


Have you ever travelled to a place twice and experienced that destination in two completely different ways due to weather? Drop us a comment below and tell us about it! 

xo - Jo

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