Traveling the Red Rock Road


Views I wasn’t expecting would blow me away!  For real! Due to the valleys and canyons you often couldn’t grasp the full view until you were close to the edge. Then….whoa!! What breathtaking landscape. If you have been to Utah you know what I am talking about! If you haven’t … add it to your travel list! 



Here are some of the Utah inspired earrings that are a part of the Travel Collection. I just love that red colour of the rocks and dirt. The striped patterns, the texture, the depth of the land!



I experienced Utah’s views and beautiful browny-red colouring on a road trip with my mom. Road trips are my fav. We traveled with only a map (a paper map and no phone service!) making coffee in parking lots, catching sunrises and hiking the days away. Me, snapping pictures, my mom meeting new friends on every trail. At Arches National Park my mom had everybody around signing Happy Birthday to a lady she met who was turning 50 that day! Ha! We were both so refreshed by the joyful freedom, lightness this trip provided. The scenery, and adventure helped too!



There are so many amazing National Parks in Utah. All with the same beautiful red-brown coloured rocks, yet all so vastly different. I love looking back at the pictures, stilling in awe of the views and colours. It brings back how it felt to be in those moments taking in the view for the first time. We stayed a small hotel one night near Bryce Canyon National Park. The owner gave us the tip that we should definitely make a point of catching sunrise at the sunset (not sunrise) viewing area of the canyon. I was mesmerized. If you are ever there, do yourself a favour and take a sunrise in at Bryce Canyon! 

 Yah, I know! Aren't we cute in our matching toques!?! 


I just can't get over the landscape and views! I definitely hope to go back and further explore this State. Along with all the National Parks we went to we also got to explore Sault Lake City and Park City. We squeezed in a day of snowboarding too! Can I just say that my mom is one of the best adventure partners! She is up for every adventure, and we laugh so much while hiking, and driving for hours! Road trips have become a yearly tradition for us! In the pictures below you can see the view that we caught for sunrise! We slept in the car, in this parking lot. We made our morning coffee, and off we went! These experiences and moments will stay with me forever. 




You don’t have to hike to explore Utah, but it sure helps you to get to some of those views! What are your favourite hiking destinations?


xo - Jo



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Wow, looks so cool!! 😍 so crazy how different landscapes can be!

Karissa Sawatzky April 15, 2021

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