The Happiest Place on Earth

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow...”
-Walt Disney

I grew up visiting the Disney Parks, and they have always held the best memories. My friends and I have been dreaming of going all throughout school and then into our years of university and even after. In 2019 we got our crap together and made it happen. And thank God we did — cause the world shut down 6 months later. 

When it came down to choosing what trips I wanted to use for colour inspiration for the Travel Collection, I was pretty pumped to highlight my trip to Disney World. I knew Cinderella’s Castle would give me some soft (but still wearable) colours.

I’m going to do a bit of a photo dump — and my list of the:

Top 3 Things You Have to Do When You do Disney World. 

1) Eat all the things.

When I say eat, I mean eat. We had done research of the top places we needed to go to eat, and we had to order. My favourite things were Dole Whip, The Mickey Premium Bar, and this random Lobster roll I ate while we watched fireworks. 

2) Ride the OG rides, and Expedition Everest. 

I love a good roller coaster. Although this trip- we were on The Hulk in Universal Studios.. and I lost vision for like 4 seconds. It was too fast. The old school rides like It’s a Small World and the Tea Cups are a good way to chill and take it all in. Expedition Everest was the “most thrilling” ride there in my opinion.

3) Take Photos

Yes, I’m that person who will stop and make other take photos, or lag behind cause I’m trying to capture something just right. But, then I get to look back and re live memories. There’s nothing quite like looking back at pictures from a trip is there?

BEST TRIP — So thankful that we got to go before settling into the lockdown version of life. And now I have a whole part of the Travel Collection dedicated to the memories. 

Leave a comment to tell us your must do list at the Disney Parks

Till next time.
xo, Jules

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Dole whip 4 lyfe 👌🏻 And dippin dots! Disney is definitely gonna be our first trip when we can travel again 🙌🏻

Karissa Sawatzky April 15, 2021

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