La Jolla Cove Beach, San Diego

Back when we could go to the beach without a mask in our beach bags and we could travel to a different country without first getting a stick up our noses. 


One of my most memorable trips was to California in 2015. I spent almost a month away from home to live in Redding and then another week traveling Southern California.

This set of earrings is inspired by the sandstone cliffs of La Jolla Cove Beach in San Diego, California. 

The earthy tones of this collection remind me of the sandy beaches and rock. What I loved about this trip was how carefree I felt. There were people everywhere, but I felt like it was just me and the ocean. The collection is taken from one slab so all of the earrings have the same colour tones but are different shapes and sizes. 


This is one of my favourite photos from this trip. This is the year that I started really getting into photography so I would take my camera everywhere and take photos of my surroundings. 

On this trip I was able to spend time at this amazing hotel with a great pool- super chill vibes. Something about being alone at a place like this allows you to learn things about yourself, and pushes you out of our comfort zone. Perks of travelling alone.

Wine? Anyone? Spent one of my afternoons walking the vineyards and eating amazing food at a local winery.

Fresh lobster by the ocean? Yes please.

I love this addition to the travel collection because of the neutral colours. It’s cool how colours can remind you of a place and bring you back to the feeling and smell of the memory. 

Hope you like this collection as much as I do. If it’s not your vibe, that’s cool! I hope the pictures took you to somewhere warm - something different then the continuing winter we have here in Manitoba. 

I love a good reason to do a photo dump of a great trip.


🤍 Jules 


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