Chasing the Sunset

Who here loves a sunset!?!?

I grew up in an area referred to as Sunset Country. That’s where you will find the BEST sunsets ever! Ha! I’m joking, even though I have seen some amazing ones there. I have seen equally amazing sunsets on my travels, over the ocean, and ones in the prairies that stretch across the entire sky. An uncle from the Netherlands used to say however that his favorite skies and sunsets were on his visits in the summer to the lake.  Some of my favorite sunsets have been in Sunset Country, out on the lake. These earrings represent the area I grew up in and love and the sunsets I have witnessed there. 


I have always enjoyed seeing the sky light up, and be painted with colour. Often thinking to myself, how could someone ever capture this? Paint this? Each one is so unique and beautiful, but some stand out more than others. They make you stop.



I will say however that as good as a sunset can be, sunrises can equal them. Admittedly they are harder to catch, but doesn’t this make them that much more rewarding? In the summer it’s one of my favourite things to try and catch a sunrise on the lake. That extra special sunrise however takes some work. Mornings of dragging yourself out of bed, in the hopes of seeing a spectacular sky. Often I will take out a paddle board or a kayak to get on the lake at its calmest. This makes the early mornings so worth it.


 A morning paddle as the sun burns the mist off the lake.

Have you ever had the experience where you were just going about life, not even paying attention and you glance back, or out the window, or open the curtains and are caught totally by surprise by what you see? 


My parents and I were kayaking and there was a small sunset, I exclaimed over it, made them paddle past me for a picture, then it got better... so repeat. Then we decided to head back to the cabin. After paddling a little I happened to glance back. THE SKY WAS MAGIC!!! I have never seen a sky like that in my life, and we were almost unaware of it.


 What has been your favorite sunset … or sunrise to experience? Where were you? We would love to hear about it as we are both sunsets fans over here! 

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